Pauly Singh – Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Pauly Singh

Digital marketing expert Pauly Singh is one of the founders of TortExperts with more than 20 years’ experience in digital marketing.

Pauly is one of the first-ever 100 marketers worldwide to become a Google Adwords Certified Professional.

A feat he owed to his excellent IT and marketing skills. These skills set Pauly aside as an excellent keyword researcher and SEO expert. Pauly’s SEO expertise has found a perfect application in mass torts generation at TortExperts.

The result is evident in the quality of the mass torts that TortExperts has been delivered since its establishment.

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TortExperts is a marketing company providing performance based lead generation to law firms nationwide for mass tort, class action lawsuits. Our specialized focus in the Mass torts fields has provided us with a great deal of expertise in generating qualified leads with a high conversion rate.